What You Need to Know Before Buying a Fixer-Upper
Which Is a Better Investment: Real Estate or Stocks?


A Complete Guardian Life Insurance Review In 2022
Guardian is among the oldest and most well-known names inside the life insurance business. They don't have the best term life policies, but the company's financial strength, customer service, and long-term policies make it worth looking into. Guardian Life Insurance is the best choice for people who have trouble getting insurance policies from other companies. This is true for people who smoke and people who have HIV, who haven't been able to get affordable insurance.
How Long-Term Care Insurance Can Help to Protect Your Loved Ones in the Future
Long-term care insurance provides coverage for you and your loved ones so that you never have to worry about what would happen if you could no longer take care of yourself. The Affordable Care Act has made it easier to sign up for these policies, but the market is still based on a complex web of regulations. This makes it difficult for consumers to find the best approach for them. It also includes nursing care, custodial care, and home health services.
How to view asset bubbles?
The rapid rise in asset prices may indicate that asset prices are too high, which may also lead to a rapid decline in prices.
Trust System from the Perspective of Property Law
The core of a trust relationship is trust property and trust relationships cannot exist without trust property.
Characteristics of Trust
The trust includes the principal, the trustee and the beneficiary. The high flexibility of the trust reflects on the identity of the parties.
Core of Insurance
This article introduces the core of insurance, that is, using less money as an investment in the future, which ensures that a large amount of cash are available when there is an accident.
Transaction is the confrontation between rationality and emotion!
Doing the transaction in the stock market is the confrontation between rationality and emotion! You must overcome human instincts, otherwise, there is no difference from gambling.
Wise investors: long-term trend VS short-term trend
Wise investment is the long-term investment. Long-term trend is what you need to research and pay attention to.
Succeed by researching hard and thinking clearly
When you see a dangerous signal, you should stay away from it and never argue with the market. You should concern how to succeed by researching hard and thinking clearly.
The stock market has only one side -- the fact
The failure is not terrible, as long as you can learn from it. The stock market has only one side-- the fact side.
What is the effect of trading plan on futures trading?
If you don’t have a strict trading plan, you will be confused once you walk in the market. You should make it clear that what you prepare to pay and what you want to earn.
My basic understanding of investment
You can learn some basic investment ideas by reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Try to learn risk control, and invest in what you know well. But as we all know that education is the most important investment in life.
The inevitable trend of the development of things
The so-called “market sense” is the subjective embodiment of the inevitable law of the development of things. If you want to have great market sense, you need to take a lot of practical training and make an in-depth analysis of each transaction.
You have to do these two things before the actual trading
There are two things that you need to make sure before the transaction: make a transaction plan and well manage your capital.
Build one’s own trading system
We should build our own trading system and standard, and we implement it strictly. Investors should be able to feel and measure the market by their own trading system, and try not to be controlled by the market sentiment, and find the excellent companies.
The essence of financial speculation
Financial speculation is the intense and concentrated confrontation of commercial speculation. This needs a physically and mentally healthy body, and it is extreme difficult for a normal person. To be a great investor, you need to be a long-term learner, keep pace with the times, and distinguish the true views of the main market participants.
How to Build Stock Pool?
To build your stock pool, you need to choose the valuable leading companies which are well-known by people with high reputation. According to Matthew Effect, the strong ones will be stronger.
About Financial Investment
The financial industry is always fluctuating, you need to learn when to buy in, when to stop the loss, and when to add positions. If you always make mistakes, you should keep studying the financial history and the evolutionary history of investment theory.
Rising U.S. Bond yields: the First Bomb in the Financial Market in 2021 - Part 6
The main reasons for interest rate hikes in emerging market economies are inflation and capital outflows, which may be affected by the rise in U.S. bond yields.
Rising U.S. Bond yields: the First Bomb in the Financial Market in 2021 - Part 5
There is a complex relationship between the U.S. dollar index and U.S. bond yield, so it should be analyzed according to different situations.
Why is sovereign debt rarely defaulted unilaterally in recent years? (V)
The centralization of international credit market makes the interests of creditors concentrated and the interests of debtors limited.
Why is sovereign debt rarely defaulted unilaterally in recent years? (V)
Three mechanisms promoting debt repayment and modifications of international financial structure.
Why is sovereign debt rarely defaulted unilaterally in recent years? (IV)
The theory, fact and competition of domestic economy of democratic hypothesis and spillover cost hypothesis cannot explain the reason of sovereign debt repayment.
Impact of "Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate" (1)
This article shows the impact of the "minimum corporate tax rate". As an effective way to prevent profits shifting, the "minimum corporate tax rate" has great potential in expanding tax revenue.
G7 Endorses " Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate " (1)
The finance ministers of the Group of Seven endorse the "global minimum enterprise tax rate", which is a historic step in the reform of international enterprise tax.
Keep the cash and wait for profitable chances
If the stock performance is not as good as you expected, you should empty the positions immediately, try not to find excuses for it. Always stay away from the stranded stocks, and invest your money in the strong leading stocks. Make your capital flow. Timing is very important for operating stocks.

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