Not a security, nor a commodity: legal currency
Supervision of community cryptocurrency


ICO and DAO tokens under the EU financial regulatory framework
First introduce the issuing ways of virtual currency, then introduce whether MiFID framework can be used in virtual currency and discuss the applicability of different types of virtual currency, and finally point out the current attitude of regulators towards virtual currency.
The impact of the U.S. dollar on the international community - part 4
First talk about the important role of international currency, and then take self feeling as the introduction to make readers deeply feel the seriousness of the absence of international currency. Finally, point out that if countries learn from the existing sanctions, they can get rid of the original system and establish a new one.
The impact of the U.S. dollar on the international community - part 2
First talk about the attribute that the international currency should have, then introduce the hegemony of the U.S. dollar in the international currency, finally introduce the privilege brought to its country by the international attribute of the U.S. dollar, and point out that it is not advisable and should be resisted if using this privilege brought by the currency as a tool and weapon.
IOSCO’s global stablecoin program
Firstly introduce the stablecoin from the drawbacks of mainstream cryptocurrencies, and introduce how to make stablecoins “stable”. Secondly, introduce the general definition of stablecoin. Thirdly, introduce the existence and characteristics of stablecoin, and finally introduce IOSCO’s assumption about the stablecoin,, and introduce the role of the intermediary.
Bank of England: CBDC brings opportunities and challenges, and the government should design it together.
In order to maintain monetary and financial stability, the exploration and development of CBDC is very important. After several years of research, the Bank of England believes that CBDC has great opportunities and challenges, which need to be considered together with the government
Virtual currency brokers: the supervision on cryptocurrency platform (4)
First introduce the relevant provisions on liquidation in the Bankruptcy Law and SIPA, and introduce the two differences between them in detail. Then lead out the risk and supervision of cryptocurrency, and point out that the relevant regulatory framework of cryptocurrency platform can be specified by learning the liquidation and supervision policies on securities traders.
Virtual currency brokers: the supervision on cryptocurrency platform (3)
Mainly introduce the client protection rules and the net capital rules. Specifically, introduce their rule purpose, rule composition and rule requirements respectively. In terms of net capital rules, additionally introduce two methods of benchmarking net capital.
Virtual currency brokers: the supervision on cryptocurrency platform (2)
Mainly talk about in the late 1960s, due to the surge in securities trading volume, the traditional business model of securities were no longer very effective, and then traders were forced to make changes, but there were still great disadvantages after the change, and there was a big bear market in 1969. These factors combined forced the U.S. congress to enact laws to protect the safety of clients' assets.
Digital cryptocurrency
Private cryptocurrencies have low transaction costs compared to traditional bank transfers, fast transaction speed since they are not issued by any centralized organizations, highly anonymous due to transactions in unfamiliar situations, and a fixed amount of currency which does not consider the risk of inflation.

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